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Air Sailors - Franklin Westwood
Air Sailors - Franklin Westwood

Air Sailors

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    White-throated swifts are one of my favorite birds.  I have done pieces depicting these birds in redwood, walnut, ironwood, and bronze.  It is always exciting seeing them fly.  Near where I live, I know of two places where they nest.  One is in a band of columnar basalt above the road near Tower Falls in Yellowstone National Park, and the other is on tuft cliffs south of Jackson, WY.  So fascinating to watch!

    Many of my pieces have a strong illusion of motion and an important part of that is the negative space in the piece.  I want the viewer to read the negative space as “air”.  The positive space suggests what the air molecules are doing.  Together I hope the viewer reads that the birds are moving through the air. 

    Since I use acrylic paint on my wood sculptures, and thin acrylic paint to patina bronze, it was easy to make the birds look similar on the surface.  The “Wow” factor of a sculpture doesn’t come from the materials used, but from the lines, positive and negative space, color and the story the sculpture elicits.   

    The name Air Sailors comes from the Latin genus name for these swifts – Aeronautes.  These birds certainly sail through the air!

    22" x  38" x 40"

    Acrylic on bronze, wood and stainless steel

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