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    Robert Little

    My professional career was as a theatrical designer of scenery. I designed scenery for plays, musicals, operas, Las Vegas, theme parks, ice shows and even the circus. I also taught theatre for twenty-two years at Missouri State University. I loved creating interesting environments, physical spaces, and the visual worlds that the actors, singers, dancers and performers inhabit.

    Artist Statement:

    As an artist I love painting landscapes, places and environments which inspire me. These can range from a mountain valley down to the tiny world of plants below the top canopy of flowers. Even a still life is a kind of mini-world! Mood, atmosphere, and drama are to be seen and felt in these places.

    Well, not only actors but all people inhabit spaces and environments - God made a physical world for us to live in and enjoy!

    The world is always in the act of being transformed from moment to moment - in its appearance, nature and character. Light, weather, seasons, and the effects of time all make our world a dynamic and surprising place.  To capture the mood, tones, colors, light, and atmosphere of a moment in time is my aim as an artist. Not all spaces or places are filled with surface beauty - some may be  bleak. I try to paint the truth of my subjects. But I hope that viewers enjoy encountering the places and subjects that inspired me because each has a story to tell. Maybe these painting will evoke in viewers memories of times and places they have encountered on their own life journeys.