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    Daniel Natale

    Daniel Natale


    Daniel Natale has been exhibiting regularly since 1991.

    He has a BFA from Monmouth University that included a year study at Les Beaux Arts in Paris. Daniel is a regular exhibitor at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, The Red Bank Art Alliance, Monmouth County Arts Council State Exhibition and Monmouth Festival of the Arts. Daniel has exhibited in the Ocean County Artist Guild and the Painting Center in Soho, New York City.

    Reviews of Daniel's work have been published in several publications including:

    • The Newark Star Ledger
    • The Two River Times
    • State of the Art
    • Atlanticville Monthly

    Excerpt from a "Two River Times" Article describing Daniel's work:

    "There are places where Surrealist dreams meet Transcendentalist belief in the power of the natural world. Daniel Natale has discovered such a country in his dream landscapes....
    They may appear to be impressionist landscapes, painted directly from nature. Don't be fooled by first impressions, though. Familiar as they may seem you haven't seen these places before. Natale paints from imagination, informed by mental snapshots of the effects of sunlight and atmosphere on landscape....
    No human figures appear in any of the paintings, although human artifacts are always present...
    Nature's animation is the theme: growth, energy erosion, weather."