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    It's Never Too Late to Start…

    It's Never Too Late to Start...    By Carol Bednarski

    Monet, who is one of my all-time favourite artists, didn't really start painting steadily till well into his 40's (gosh that seems young actually!) and it took him a decade to hit his stride and develop his signature style.  It is never too late to follow our passions regardless of our age. I'm just so relieved and happy to finally be painting again after a very, very long dry spell.

    It was only one year ago that I really started painting with any kind of regularity and focus, and honestly, I can say that it's been my silver lining of this past year.  I look back at the paintings that I created in 2020 and can see so much of what I was going through reflected in my art. It has been therapy really. Much needed...

    Last month, I mentioned I was still looking for a concept for my first collection.  Well turns out, I had already painted one! Here are just a few of the pieces from last year, soon to be christened the 'Silver Lining Collection'

    Hop Rising   I Will Not Be Moved Painting   Promise Me A New Day Painting   

    Hope Rising           I Will Not Be Moved          Morning Glow

    Transformation Painting


    You can see by their titles there was a theme going on...

    This collection of paintings from 2020 represent my search for hope, beauty, and peace amidst uncertainty. I really worked through all the 'not knowing' and painted intuitively with no forethought or plan. While journeying into the paintings, and responding moment by moment, I found that each one took me to a place of stillness and calm and the finished pieces spoke to me of hope.

    " Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"  -Pablo Picasso

    New Paintings

    The mood of my work has changed somewhat during this past month or so and the exploration continues. I've been having some fun in my studio with colour. Here are a couple of new pieces that are not yet on my website (coming soon!)

    Your Happy Place Painting    Digging For Gold Painting

    Your Happy Place        Digging For Gold


    For many years now I've imagined myself participating as an artist in the Moss Street Paint-In. It is a celebrated event in Victoria where hundreds of artists paint live for a crowd of thousands one weekend a year.  Moss Street becomes a giant walk way where artists can sell there work and really connect with an audience of enthusiastic art fans.

    I was quite encouraged to submit myself for consideration to the Greater Victoria Art Gallery just to find there is no Paint-In this year. HOWEVER, in lieu of this plans are in the works for a mini version of the paint-in on the grounds of the Victoria Art Gallery on every Saturday in July. Artists have been chosen from among hundreds of applicants And guess what??? I've been chosen!  I'm really excited about it!

    In conjunction the gallery is also putting out an Artists Guide in partnership with the TD Bank which will highlight the artists and their work. I am super honoured to be a part of the 2021 Victoria Artists Guide. And next year hopefully I'll be painting on Moss Street!!

    Now that summer is coming and people are out and about looking for something to do, I thought I would open my doors and welcome visitors into my studio while I'm painting.

    Current Exhibitions

    'Highly anticipated by artists, visitors, and buyers, the Cowichan Valley Fine Art Show has a longstanding tradition of exhibiting remarkable, original work'

    It's my honour to be a part of this group exhibition. My painting, 'Count it All Joy' is on display until May 25th

    Somewhere In Time Spring Online Exhibition

    The Victoria chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists is presenting this Juried Show online this year.  I'm proud to have had three of my paintings accepted into 'Somewhere In Time'. I'm looking forward to the live shows again in the fall. Fingers crossed. 


    Well, that is about it for this month. Thanks again for sticking with me on this journey, I really appreciate it.  Sharing something as personal as one's art can be a somewhat vulnerable thing. Your kind words and encouragement have made it so much easier to put myself out there, and I truly thank you.

    Till next time,


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