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    All About Landscape Paintings

    Landscape paintings have always been a favorite art style to display in homes, offices, businesses, and more. From the pastoral and Romantic to more surreal and abstract, landscape paintings offer a range of excellent options for decorating, creating the right mood, and offering conversational pieces. The landscape collection in our online art gallery gives you a broad selection of beautiful landscape paintings of all styles. We have fine art landscapes and abstract paintings, giving you a wonderful choice of talented artists from around the world.

    Types of Landscape Paintings

    Paintings can cover a huge range of landscape types. You might enjoy an oil painting landscape of a mountainous region or a watercolor of a river. You can find landscapes of fields and meadows, forests, farms, rivers, lakes and fjords, coastal landscapes, and so much more. Everyone can find a landscape painting that they love in a style that they enjoy. Whether you like oil paintings, water colors, pastels, or acrylics, you are sure to find a landscape painting that you love.

    Why Are Landscape Paintings So Popular?

    Landscapes are much-loved for a number of reasons. They can bring a sense of natural wonder of the great outdoors...indoors, giving you a glimpse of the greater world even when you're sitting in your home, your office, or in a hotel lobby. You might choose to have a landscape painting of one of your favorite places, a place you would love to visit someday, or just a location that speaks to you in one way or another. Landscapes are also often much more than simply a representation of a physical location. There can be so much more meaning to them, especially if they are placed within the context of their location, the artist, and the time period in which they were painted.

    How to Decorate with Landscape Paintings

    Landscape paintings look amazing and natural in various settings, from homes to businesses. You could hang your favorite piece in your living room or bedroom; or perhaps you could display a landscape painting in your office, waiting room, lobby, or any other location where you would like to enhance the atmosphere with a beautiful piece of art. You can use landscape paintings to evoke all sorts of feelings and set the tone for different moods. They can help a setting to feel calm, lively, modern, traditional, and so many things in between. 

    If you want to display a landscape painting, you could do so in many different ways. It might become just one part of the decor in your home or business, seamlessly complementing everything else and providing a point of interest. A landscape painting could also be an eye-catching feature, especially if it's large and could serve as a statement piece. If you have purchased a landscape painting or you're looking for the right one, think about its size, the colors, and the feelings it evokes to decide how best to display it. Consider the theme of your home and how you want it to feel or, for your business, think about your brand and how you want visitors to view you.

    Browse our range of landscape paintings to discover oils, acrylics, and pastels by talented artists.

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